Changes in the MR Terms and Conditions- 15 January 2018


As of 15 January 2018, MyRepublic NZ has updated the following Customer Terms and conditions in compliance with the on-going reviews and recommendations of the Legal teams.

For easy customer and MR staff reference, we’ve put all the new agreements, policies, processes and contract information for MyRepublic products and services in one place.


And one very important aspect of this is the new graduated approach in charging Early Termination fees (ETFs).  Note the new directive around charging the break fees.

The Early Termination Fees apply when the service(s) are terminated before the end of the minimum contract term (unless the termination occurs during the free trial period). The Fees will be prorated by the number of months remaining in the minimum contract term period.
For example: a customer on a 12 month contract and selects to cancel at month 6, the early termination fee is calculated as $249 divided by 12 months x 6 months remaining on the contract equals $124.50 ETF and not the full amount of $249.00.
Please refer to the Graduated charging Table on the "Product Code Master 2017" sheets for more details.
Implementation guideline:
For all Zendesk tickets created until 14 January 2018, (6 pm NZT) the old rules apply:
  • '30 days notice period' prior to voluntary termination & previous ETF's apply (based on individual customer plan)
  • From 15 January 2018 (0800 am onwards), the new Terms and conditions, policies apply.
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