Setting up a port forwarding rule

Before you begin

The device you are forwarding a port to needs to have a Static LAN IP. This can be assigned on the device, or within the routers UI (Local network tile > Add new static IP lease)

You will also need the ports that the game or application requires to be forwarded.

For port forwarding to work, you will also need a Static IP on your MyRepublic connection. Please contact us on 0508 MY FIBRE(69 34273) or via email at if you would like a Static IP added onto your account.

Log into the routers UI

Click here for a guide

Select the WAN Services tile



Select Add New IPv4 port mapping


Enter the values as follows


Name: A name for your port forwarding rule, this is simply a reference
Protocol: Depending on the game, if you are unsure select TCP/UDP
WAN Port: The port defined by the game or application
LAN Port: The port defined by the game or application
Destination IP: The static LAN IP of the device

Click the tick to save, and the rule will be set up.

Repeat if the game or application used multiple ports



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