Support Scope

Basic Support: All plans

MyRepublic provides different levels of support based on your plan. 

We train our team with the primary focus of getting you connected and ensuring you have a great internet experience.

While we'd love to help with every internet related problem, we do set some limits on assistance we can provide to ensure our team is available to support customers who have issues within our support scope


No Connection

WAN Connectivity

The connection between your router to the internet.

  • Full support for routers provided by us
  • 3rd party routers we will provide the router configuration and basic support
  • We will hand over to our Local Fibre Company in the event of a fault 

Local area Connectivity

The connection between the device you are using (such as your computer or mobile) and your modem/router

  • Ethernet
    • We support a “simple” local network setup, additional routers, switches, physical firewalls, repeaters, hubs or other hardware will need to be removed to establish connectivity between one device and the internet
  • Wireless
    • On routers supplied by us, we will support the setup and customisation of your Wireless network
    • We will provide best efforts support for 3rd party routers 
  • Devices
    • We will assist in connecting your primary computer and/or mobile phone, and provide you with settings and configuration to connect your other devices. 
    • We will provide best efforts support for additional devices 


Such as Software, Programs, Games or Browsers

  • Ensuring you can browse the internet is our primary goal on any support call. If some applications are able to connect to the internet, and others are not we will provide best efforts support in identifying why a the additional application is not working
  • We do not support the setup of any Firewalls, Antivirus software*, Connections through Proxies or VPNs*.

*If you are using our partner products such as VyperVPN or FSecure antivirus, we will provide basic support, and hand you over to their great support teams if we cannot resolve the issue


Intermittent or Degraded connection

Also known as slow speeds, frequent disconnections, buffering or lagging - a number of factors can cause your internet experience to degrade or drop out

Speeds can vary, due to a number of factors, such as the plan you have purchased, time of the day and capabilities of your line.

See the Line Speed & Performance section of our terms and conditions for more information. 

WAN Connectivity

Degraded performance between your router and the internet 

  • Slow speeds, Lag & Frequent disconnections
    • Full support for routers provided by us
    • Best efforts for 3rd party routers
    • We will hand over to our upstream provider, or Local Fibre Company in the event of a fault or issue

Local area Connectivity

Degraded performance between your device and your modem/router

Once your internet service is within your house you may experience a reduction or variation in speed.

  • Ethernet
    • You will usually get the best speeds and most stable connection when connected to your router via an Ethernet cable.
    • We recommend that any speed tests are performed over Ethernet, to isolate any issues before troubleshooting wireless, and suggest testing a second Ethernet cable whenever possible.
    • We support a “simple” local network setup, additional routers, switches, physical firewalls, repeaters, hubs or other hardware will need to be removed to ensure they are not restricting broadband speed
    • Not all devices are created equal, older or lower quality devices may not be able to reach the speeds your connection is capable of
  • Wireless
    • Wireless performance can vary under a number of conditions, some of which are outside of our control. We will provide best efforts in troubleshooting wireless performance.
    • Our goal on a wireless support call will be to test and identify if the bottleneck or cause of disconnections is your wireless network, and work with you on what could be interfering with the signal.


  • Speedtest server
    • Run performance testing on This rules out issues with 3rd party speedtests, bottlenecks outside of our network and ensures enough upload is available on the speedtest server to accurately measure our high speed broadband plans.
  • Specific websites, games or applications
    • If you are getting a great, stable speed to our speedtest server, but are having trouble with a specific application, our support team will assist you in identifying where this is occurring
    • We will escalate to our partners or suppliers where possible. If the issue is outside of our network then we cannot provide further assistance.


Issues with MyRepublic Voice services

  • Internet
    • All MyRepublic voice services are converted to Voice over IP at some point within our network, we will initially troubleshoot internet before investigating issues with your phone line specifically
  • Calling issues
    • Let us know of any issues with calling specific numbers, or areas and we’ll investigate with our Voice provider
  • Two different types of wiring.
    • Directly into the ONT/router (for VDSL)
    • Through house wiring/using integrated wiring to ONT


Premium Support: Gamer Plans

MyRepublic Gamer plans enable a premium support experience. Our Gamer Support staff understand and are trained in gaming specific problems

  • Increased support from the basic support scope. Including but not limited to:
    • Basic setup and configuration for consoles such as PlayStations, X-Box and Nintendos
    • Basic setup and configuration for handheld devices such as PSP, Vita and 3DS
    • Set up of port forwarding rules on routers provided by us, best efforts for 3rd party devices
    • Set up of additional devices
  • Lag
    • Advanced troubleshooting of latency (lag) to specific game servers
    • Published latency to popular games where possible
    • Gamer customers can request addition of games to our Latency Tracking where possible
  • Internal priority
    • In the event that a faulting ticket is lodged, we treat our gaming tickets with a high internal priority
    • Gamer support will divert to senior customer service agents where available


Premium Support: Business Plans

MyRepublic Business plans come with 24/7 premium support.

  • Increased coverage 24/7 
    • Afterhours support may leverage on-call staff, and our international teams in Singapore, Australia & Indonesia
  • Increased support from the basic support scope. Including but not limited to:
    • LAN setups involving additional hardware such as switches and firewalls
    • Support for MyRepublic's SDN & other MR business products
    • Setup of multiple devices and 3rd party routers
    • For complex LAN setups that are managed by a local technician or SI, MyRepublic Business support will confirm connectivity on the WAN side and hand over or work with your local area technician for resolution
  • Speed
    • Plans purchased with CIR will be tested to ensure the dedicated bandwidth is delivered
  • Internal priority
    • In the event that a faulting ticket is lodged, we treat business customers with the highest internal priority
    • Business 200 & Business GIG plans with enhanced SLAs will be handed over to the LFC as soon as an issue is identified



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