Fibre: Setting up your MyRepublic WiFi Hub+

Before you begin

  • Check that you’ve received the activation message from MyRepublic
  • Identify and advise your technician on where the MyRepublic WiFi Hub+ will be installed.

Getting connected: Internet


  • Plug one end of the powerpack into an electrical outlet, and the other end into the MyRepublic WiFi hub+

  • Connect an Ethernet cable between the Red WAN port on the back of the MyRepublic WiFi Hub+ to the port 1 on the ONT installed by your technician. There are 2 Ethernet cables in the box, it doesn't matter which one you use.

  • Once everything is connected, power on the MyRepublic WiFi Hub+ using the black button on the back

  • Your device will power on.


It will take up to 15 minutes for us to remotely configure your MyRepublic WiFi Hub+, and during this time it is likely to update and restart at least once. 


Getting connected: Phone

On MyRepublic Fibre, your home phone connects to the existing jackpoints on the wall.

Simply plug them in if they're not already and you're ready to go.

However, if your home wiring was never integrated into the Fibre ONT, plug your phone into POTS1 /PHONE1 on the ONT.


Getting connected: Devices

  • Connect any Ethernet devices to the yellow ports on the back of the MyRepublic WiFi Hub+

  • Connect any Wireless devices to the MyRepublic WiFi Hub+ using the password provided on the Purple fridge magnet.
    • If you lose this, the password is printed on the bottom of the the router
    • If you'd like to customise your WiFi username or password, check out our guide on this here


Your device should now be up and running, if you have any issues simply reboot the device and wait for it to power on. If this does not resolve the problem, refer to our troubleshooting section for support.

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