How can I expedite the consents process?

If your Local Fibre Company is Chorus, you can help speed up the consents process.

  1. To initiate the consents process, Chorus identifies all parties of interest and their contact details which usually takes a few days. To fast track the process, you can provide the whatever information is available at the time of signing up or by contact our customer service via email or at 0508 MYFIBRE. Chorus can then confirm the information through their internal checks.

  2. Chorus mails a consent letter to all parties of interest in order to approve the fibre installation at your address. We recommend that you speak with your neighbors, landlord, body corporate or property manager to about your intent to have fibre installed at your address and for them to expect a consent letter from Chorus. Real estate agents report that the value of land increases when a property is fibre enabled.

  3. You can also facilitate the process by having your neighbors fill out the online consent form for fibre installation of the shared right of way or cross lease.

For Enable, Ultrafast Fibre & Northpower, refer to our article for the consent process.

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