What is the timeline for gaining consents?

Once we receive your order, we place an order with your Local Fibre Company (LFC) for installing fibre to your address. 

The process for gaining consents is then dependent on your Local Fibre Company.

If your LFC is Chorus, the ideal consents process timeline should take up to 30 days. Once Chorus receives an order from us for your fibre installation, a dedicated department at Chorus begin by identifying ownership of the address, body corporate and parties of interest to analyze the applicable scenarios for your address. The process of identification of all parties is described here

Once the required parties have been identified, Chorus sends a consent letter to each party. You can help expedite this process to help Chorus gain consents from all required parties.

If no response is received in 30 days from all parties, Chorus tries to follow up by either: 

  • Second letter
  • Email
  • Phone call
  • Text
  • Site visit

If consents for fibre installation are not received in the next 15 days, the order is cancelled.

If your LFC is either Ultrafast Fibre, Enable or Northpower, then their service desk review the address for applicable scenarios on your address and email the appropriate consent forms to you. You can then discuss with the respective individuals of interest to gain their consent for fibre installation. 

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