How do I check whether I'm fibre ready?

Wondering whether your home is fibre ready?

All you have to do is to visit the MyRepublic website, start typing your address and select it from the prompt list. Our system can then check fibre availability for your address. If fibre is available, you can check our plans here.

In case fibre is currently unavailable but is coming soon to your area, we can offer the next best thing available: VDSL as an interim step for you to use while fibre is being laid out in your region. Once fibre is ready, we transfer you to fibre without any additional charges. 

Fibre is being laid out by Local Fibre Companies (LFC) like Chorus, Ultrafast Fibre, Enable and Northpower. You can alternatively check fibre availability for your region via the Broadband Availability Checker from each LFC.


Ultrafast Fibre:






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