When are consents required for fibre installation?

Consent may be required for the Local Fibre Company in your area to lay out fibre.

Consents are required in the following scenarios: 

  • Landlord: Your landlord's consent is required if you live in a leased/rented accommodation.
  • Rights of Way (ROW) or Cross Lease: If your house is accessible via a shared driveway or if your house is on a piece of land which is owned by multiple parties, then consent from your neighbors or individuals who have access to the shared driveway/land. 
  • Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU): If your house is part of a office building, apartment building or retirement village, then consents are required from the property owner (body corporate, company, property manager or individual) before installing fibre. 
  • In addition, consents from utility power companies might be required for build work depending on your location. 

The process of gaining consents is dependent on your Local Fibre Company (LFC). A summary for this process is presented below:

  • For Chorus, consents are gained by a dedicated consent gaining team. Chorus uses a category system to decide on the level of consents required. This is decided after a site survey is completed by Chorus. The consent team will then contact all parties required to start the consenting process. Further information on the system can be found on Chorus' website here.
  • For Enable/Ultrafast Fibre/Northpower, when an order for fibre is placed for your address, their respective service desk sends an email containing all required consent forms and you can get the consents from the respective individuals. More information can be found at the links below.

Once the consents have been gained gained, the Local Fibre Company can proceed with design, build work and installations. 

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