How does Chorus identify all parties for consent?

In order to gain consents for a fibre order, Chorus begins by identifying all parties of interest which may include the following:

  • the name and physical address of the owner of the property,
  • name and physical addresses of all legal owners of a shared driveway (ROW),
  • For a commercial multi dwelling unit (MDU), legal owner's name or full company name
  • For MDU apartments, the name of the Body Corporate manager (or body corporate authorized agents)

Usually, this information can be gained from the local council. Many have this information available online but for some, Chorus personnel must queue up a the council offices to gain the information. 

Chorus then uses public resources to find owner's contact details including:

  • Online White Pages and/or Yellow Pages search to identify address and contact details
  • Companies office search (where applicable)
  • Online council rating information search
  • Enquiry to council (phone/email/in-person)
  • Information supplied by you from your customer
  • Ask neighbours or tenants
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