How can I check if my ONT is working properly?

How to check the ONT is working properly?

Check the lights on your ONT are on and green.

  • If the Power light is off, check whether the power supply to the ONT has been disrupted or the cable is loose.
  • If the LAN light is off, the connection between the ONT & the router is not working properly. Check the cable linking the ONT & router and the power cable of the router.
  • If the Optical light is off/red (or for Huawei ONTs, the LOS light is on and red), it may indicate an issue with the fibre infrastructure. Here are a few things that you can try:
    • Check if optical fibre cable connecting the ONT with the External Termination Point (ETP) is not damaged or hasn’t come loose.
    • Perform a simple reset of the ONT by performing the power cycle, i.e. disconnect the ONT power supply, wait for about five minutes and then reconnect its power supply.

If the problem persists, please contact our customer services team at 0508 MYFIBRE (6934273).

Note: Unless specifically instructed to, do NOT press the “Reset” button on your ONT since it performs a hard reset of the ONT that my cause it to stop working properly. If at any times, you perform the hard reset accidentally, please contact our customer services team.


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