Why can't I use my internet?

First, check our Network Status page to see if the MyRepublic network is undergoing any routine or scheduled maintenance. 

If the network looks to be working properly, we recommend you to try the following steps:

Check devices & cables

Check whether your Optical Network Terminal (ONT) shows any red lights, especially the Link LED. Red lights indicate problems with the fibre infrastructure. Also, ensure that none of the wires are loose.

Please check with other devices so that we can rule out the problem with the device you've been using currently to test the connection. 

Are you using Static IP?

If you’re able to go online using dynamic IP but not with static IP, please contact our customer services team at 0508 MYFIBRE (6934273) to reset your static IP route.

Let’s check the Wi-Fi

  • Plug your computer directly with the router with the LAN Ethernet (Cat 6) cable. If the connection works properly, refer to Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems article for possible solutions to wireless connectivity problems. 
  • If the above solution doesn't work, plug the computer directly with the ONT using the port that the router was using. If you're able to go online, then the problem lies with the router. Please contact our customer services team at 0508 MYFIBRE (6934273) to report the problem.  

Restart your ONT and router

Disconnect the power to your ONT and router and wait about 5 minutes before reconnecting. Power on the ONT first and then the router. This performs a simple reset of your ONT & router.

If the internet still doesn't work, contact our customer services team at 0508 MYFIBRE (6934273) and we'll investigate the situation. 

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