What is the installation process for getting fibre?

Once you sign up with us, MyRepublic will place an order with your Local Fibre Company (LFC) who will then manage the fibre install at your address.

Technicians from the LFC will connect fibre from roadside to your premises and install fibre equipment inside your house. 

The installation process is straightforward but has some differences depending on who is your Local Fibre Company. Refer to the below mentioned installation processes for your fibre company.  


Chorus Installation Process



Enable Installation Process


Ultrafast Fibre:

Ultrafast Fibre Installation Process



Northpower Installation Process

Northpower Agreements


Refer to our section for understanding when and why you may require consents from your landlord, neighbors or body corporate for installing fibre at your address. 


Don't know your LFC? Refer to our article on Local Fibre Companies 

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