Why can't I connect to my internet over Wi-Fi?

If you're able to connect via cable but can't connect via Wi-Fi, here are some possible solutions. 

Router positioning

A router sends out signals in all directions, so putting it in a corner of your house or apartment — or near a window — means that a significant amount of its signal is wasted. Position your router well.

  • Keep the router out in the open near the center of the house and preferably at a high position.
  • Apps like Cloudcheck or Amped’s Wi-Fi Analytics can give you clues where the Wi-Fi strength is weak to better position your router.
  • Position one antenna vertically and the other horizontally for maximum reception for all your devices. 

Interference from other networks

Due to high concentration of overlapping Wi-Fi networks in an area, Wi-Fi signals over the 2.4GHz band may become undetectable. Check with both available bands, i.e. 2.4GHz, and 5.0GHz. The Wi-Fi can be found as <Your Wi-Fi name>-2.4 and <Your Wi-Fi name>-5.0 signals.

Keeping your router away from other electrical equipment like microwave ovens, DECT (cordless) phones or HomePlug systems to avoid signal interference. 

You may also use Wi-Fi scanner progams like InSSIDer for PC or NetSpot App for Macs to check what channels are being used in your vicinity. You may then change the channel that your router is using to a less occupied channel.

Router Settings

Ensure that your devices support the Wi-Fi settings on the router. The ASUS routers supplied by MyRepublic support 802.11n while the TP Link routers support 802.11ac standard.

If the internet still doesn't work, contact our customer services team at 0508 MYFIBRE (6934273) and we'll investigate the situation.

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    Diane Ogle

    I have been connected to fibre for 5months now and have only had 6 weeks that I have been able to use it due a problem. I have left dozens of messages with telecom. So far no joy with a technician or anyone else. My contract is for 1 year but I will be cancelling it at the end of tomorrow if I have not had a response by then. As you have not supplied the service I signed up for I am within the bounds of my contract.