Configuring Huawei HG659 (Vodafone) for Fibre

To set up your modem, simply open a web browser on your computer and type the default gateway address in the address bar.


A login window will appear. The default username and password will be one of the following login details depending on the firmware version you have.

Older firmware:

User: Admin

Password: VF-NZhg659

This is the good login. It can be used on either the web pages or via ssh into the router."

Newer firmware:

Username: Admin

Please note: The username is case sensitive

Password: "@"and the last eight digits of your modem serial number

E.g. if your modem serial number is ABC0987654321 your password will be @87654321


The serial number is located at the back of the modem.


Click Internet from the top menu
Click “Internet Settings” from the left menu
Locate and select your connection type
Internet connection: Internet_Ethernet
Click “Edit”
Change the following settings:
         - Service type: Tick INTERNET, TR069 and Voice
         - Connection type: IP routing (IP)
         - VLAN Untagged: untick the box       

Click “Save”
Click “OK” at the warning message

Internet light on router will begin to flash

Screenshot example of the interface below:


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