Configuring Third Party Netcomm NF4V & NF8AC - VDSL

Please note: Guide was created on NF4V but will be the same on NF8AC

Step 1: Advanced Setup > Layer2 Interface > PTM Interface

Step 2: Tick and remove all the entries in here and click add then save

Step 3: Advance Setup > WAN Service

Step 4: Remove all the entries then click Add

Step 5: Select PTM then click next

Step 6: Select IP over Ethernet then enter 0 for the Priority and 10 for the VLAN ID then hit next

Step 7: Enable IPV4 then Obtain IP address then click next


Step 8: Select Enable NAT and Enable Firewall:

Step 9: Ensure PTM is listed under 'Selected Default Gateway Interfaces'

Step 10: Same for DNS

Step 11: Select apply/save

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