What Is a Port Waiter?

We might have advised you that your new VDSL order is on a 'Port Waiter'. This can affect a small percentage of new customers.

Some exchange cabinets don’t have enough ports for each different type of connection to connect all the addresses which use that cabinet. We use these ports to connect your broadband services. If all the ports in the cabinet is full, then the order will put on a Port Waiter. Unfortuantely we can’t tell when placing an order whether there will be a port waiter. Port Waiters are advised to us after the order has been placed.

The only option we have is to wait until a port becomes available, which means we have to wait for someone to disconnect their service for a port to be freed up.

We apologise for the inconveince this may cause and we will proceed with the order at the first opportunity we have.

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